Objective page


This page shows you all the actions available within a chosen time period. You can select the actions that you want to try as a challenge or out of curiosity. The combination of the objectives set for each action selected defines your personal objectives.

Note: You can change your objective anytime

Tip: You can follow your progression toward your personal objective with the progression circle on the team page*.

Since every person is different, you can choose individually which actions you are going to complete during the team competition. Selecting objectives helps you to plan the team competition.

Select objectives

To select objectives go to the OBJECTIVE page, and choose the actions you would like to attempt during the first week of the team competition.

Modify objectives

It is possible to modify your objectives during the team competition.


For each action chosen you can earn points. Except for the unique actions, you earn points each time you complete an action.

Time period

By entering your objectives for each week, you can progress and enter more ambitious objectives for the latest week of the challenge for example.