Select objectives

To select objectives go to the OBJECTIVE page, and choose the actions you would like to do during the first week of the team competition.

The actions are listed by category. You can also see the number of points earned for each action and its specifities (Unique action, Team Action).

Choose an action

When you selected an action in your objectives, a blue check appear at the bottom of the actions.

Read the description

When you click on an action you have the following information:

  • Each action is defined by different descriptions: general informations about the action, personnal, ecological and social impact of this action.

Note: An action can bring a positive impact in one or several categories.

Tip: Click on each tab to read the different descriptions.

  • The total number of points you earn by doing this action
  • The detail of the points: The amount of points per action comes from the sum of Eco, Social, Personal and Commitment points. These represent the positive impact the action has in different areas. For example, the Eco points are correlated to the amount of CO2 emissions associated with a specific activity. Because it is not possible to gather specific information for each action, average values have been used for the estimate allowing the platform to show the relative environmental impact of different actions. 

Quantify the objective

Under the description of the action, in order to quantify and validate an objective, you will have to answer two questions:

  • A basic question: allows you to quantify your habits regarding this action.
  • A commitment question: allows you to define a clear objective and compare it to what you usually do. 

The questions can have multiple forms:

  • Closed questions: you have to answer by "yes" or "no".

  • Gauge questions: answer the questions by moving the cursor or by clicking on the graduations of the gauge.

Note: Some actions require multiple questions.

Don't forget to save your objectives!