Actions points

For each action chosen you can earn points. Except for the unique actions, you earn points each time you complete an action.

Example: if one of your objectives is to come to work using muscle power 5 time this week, the maximum number of points you will earn for this action is 50 * 60 = 1100 points.

The amount of points per action comes from the sum of Eco, Social, Personal and Commitment points. These represent the positive impact the action has in different areas.

Example: The Eco points are correlated to the amount of CO2 emissions associated with a specific activity. Because it is not possible to gather specific information for each action, average values have been used for the estimate allowing the platform to show the relative environmental impact of different actions.

Total points

Below the average points, your total number of points is updated depending on your completed actions. You can also see your personnal progress bar and how close you are to your objective.