Ranking list

On the top of the RANKING page, you can see the ranking of the teams of the challenge. 


The ranking list is updated once per day at 3AM.

If you select the dropdown menu (highlighted below) you can select the option Show ranking of my team to see the position of your team and the other teams ranked next to you. Or you can select the option to see the ranking of all teams of the challenge.

The description on the bottom of the ranking list (highlighted below) explains that your team appears in blue and your rival team(s) in orange.
The teams that are newly formed are highlighted with a green "new" symbol.

Ranking algorithm

The team score is calculated using a weighted mean. The calculation takes into account the number of team members and the daily availability of each member. This is to make sure that in case of absences of individual team members there is no penalisation for the team score.

Below is the general formula for calculating a weighted mean. The xi denotes the average of the team's daily gained points, wi denotes the daily availability of all team members.