Ideas page

On this page, you can create ideas you would like to see integrated in future challenges. These lifestyle-improving ideas can also be shared with other participants.

For each idea you can see:

  • Image of the idea
  • Title of the idea
  • Category of belonging: Choose the category of your idea.
  • Number of comments: Other participants can comment any idea.
  • Begining of the description: First sentence of the idea to motivate the reader to read on.
  • Author and their profile picture
  • Date the idea was posted
  • Rating: The average reviews that the idea received between 1 and 5.

You can order the idea either by date or by rating by clicking on one of these two features.

You can search for a specific idea by entering key words in the seacch bar. You can also choose to display only the ideas from one particular category by selecting it with the Category button.

Create an idea

Information on how to post your idea. 

Edit an idea

Information on how to edit ideas you have posted. 

Search for an idea

Information on how to search a repository of previously posted ideas. 

React to an idea

Leave comments on ideas posted my Challenge participants.